The Med Spa uses the Mccue Ultra VPL Laser(variable pulsed light) which has been FDA approved to remove hair from all parts of the face and body. The variable settings mean it can effectively treat the different types of hair found all over the body, from thicker underarm hair to finer facial hair.

The Mccue VPL uses short, safe, controlled pulses of filtered light to remove unwanted hair quickly and effectively. Pulses of red light are absorbed by melanin, the pigment found in hair. This absorption process produces heat, which travels down the hair, damaging the follicle along with its ability to regenerate. Hundreds of hair follicles are treated with each pulse, making The Med Spa a fast and effective way to treat unwanted hair.

The hair in the treatment area will be trimmed and a cooling gel applied to ensure that the light energy is used to achieve the best results. The Mccue VPL applicator will be placed on the skin and flashed in a series of shots to treat the area.

Immediately after the treatment your skin may appear a little more pink than usual, but this will fade quickly. The hairs treated will fall out naturally over a period of one to three weeks, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

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