MediLift Electric Toning Facial


Package of 5 $425.00

Package of 10 $800

What is a Electric Toning Facial?

The electric toning facial is a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to skin care. Muscles become more defined, skin is lifted and the lymphatic drainage is increased; all through the aid of a safe, controlled electrical current. It helps the body's natural currents to put the face through a premium workout. The electric toning facial is a machine that uses a combination of micro-current and macro-current (faradic) technologies to lift muscle, stimulate collagen production and provide non-surgical facial lifting results. The machine has 3 modalities: muscle stimulation for the face and neck, lipolic current for fat mobilization and microcurrent to improve the quality and appearance of the face.

How does the Electric Toning Facial work?

The Electric Toning Facial uses four unique wave patterns that closely imitate the body’s own muscle messages to give your face a serious workout. The waveforms stimulate the faces own and regenerating ability and with the help of special sculpting wands, restore youthful looks to your face. Microcurrent is used to increase collagen and elastin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance of the skin. Macrocurrent is used to cause muscle contractions that can be felt and seen by the patient.

How many treatments are necessary?

The answer to this is based on several things including the patient's goal, the patient's age, and the patient's overall health and physical fitness. For the most part you begin with a corrective series of  one treatment per week for six-ten weeks. More treatments may be required to reach a specific patient goal. After this goal is reached, a maintenance program is highly suggested (once a month is typically enough to sustain results).

When will I notice a change?

Most people will see an immediate change in the tone and texture of their skin however; this will be a temporary effect. After the fourth or fifth treatment the patient will begin to see sustained changes. Equate this procedure to exercise.

Are there any contraindications?

People with a pacemaker, epilepsy, who are pregnant, melanoma, with metal plates of pins or those with implants in the area of machine use are not suitable candidates.

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